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A Flower of A Different Color

Today's accomplishments:

     1.)  Proposal is written (Binu, Diwash, and Melissa) and posted (Tiffany and Binu) and everyone else for reading the rough 
          draft versions.
     2.)  Figured out method to deal with the chloroplast production in plants (lower/ removing the copper supplements from plants 
          growth media), good job Tiffany and Binu
     3.)  We posted the "Need to Know Now" part, way to go Rajiv, Sushma and Angie
     4.)  And Diwash for looking up important information and helping everyone out.
     5.)  Thank you Tiffany for starting the journal and slide show, which will be sent out to everyone sometime by Saturday.
     7.)  We will all meet up on Sunday at 5 at the Library on College Hill 
     8.)  Have fun this weekend.

I don't see anything yet

Start writing your journal entries. You already missed the entry for last Tuesday (Sept. 2). Why?

You must start writing your proposal (it is due this Sunday). See instructions on the main project page and in the syllabus. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks, Axel.

Today we finished the editing of our project proposal and posted it. We are planning to meet as a group on Sunday to rehearse our presentation for Tuesday. We will still be working on our "Need to Know" section, so that all to most of our information will be in hand. That way we will be ready to start right in on our first day in the lab.