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A Flower of A Different Color

    1.) Found the chloroplast sequence, introns and extrons for 
        rhoadenron on NCBI website (tiffany.  The blue putuna sequence 
        was also found by (Binu) and Prairie tall drop sequence found. 
        Angel vine sequence found and the entire chloroplast sequence 
        for tall drop seed.
    2.) Pathway information still needed:
           a.) Chloroplast reduction and production in plants
           b.) Blue gene pathway in plants that produce blue pigments 
    3.) Protocols that we will use besides the ones listed in the 
        attachment for E. coli:
           a.) plant tissue cultures 
           b.) Gene Gun
    4.) Plants that need to be ordered:
           a.)  Prairie tall drop seed (seed packets)
           b.)  White rhodadron (catawbiense Michx.)  common name: 
                Catawba rosebay
           c.)  Angel vine (Muehlenbeckia complexa)
    5.) Binu is going to write the rough draft of the proposal for the 
        project and everyone else is also responsible for editing and             
        adding information
    6.) Thursday prepare to add information on the "Need to Know" 
        section of the proposal don't work on this till the editing of 
        the proposal is complete.
    7.) Wednesday sometime before 5pm Binu will have the rough draft 
        of the proposal complete and have sent out to all of our email 
    8.) Thursday we will pick the two main speakers for our project 
        and prepare the slide show that will go along with the 
    9.) We will go over any other problems or questions that we might 
        have during this project.

   10.) Thanks for all your help finding information today it made it 
        go really easy and fast our team is doing great.