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A Flower of A Different Color

Team meeting to discuss the project and what is proposed to work on.

  1.) The over all goal for our project is to make 3 types of plants produce some part colored Blue.  

  2.)  Plant species that will be used include: Flower(Rhododendron), Vine (Angel vine) and Grass (Tall Drop Seed).
  3.)  Groups decided on to find information on the: Parts, Systems, Protocol, Gene sequences, and Plant species 
          a.)  Rhododendron (Diwash (acharyad@uni.edu), Sushma(Sushma_Kalle@yahoo.com)and Rajiv (rajiv@uni.edu))
          b.)	Angel vine (Tiffany (tjwalt@uni.edu) and Melissa(sommerm@uni.edu))
          c.)  Tall Drop Seed (Angie (nelsonam@uni.edu) and Binu(binumaria@gmail.com))
  4.)  The parts that were decided on so far are (names not accurate to open wet ware web site)Cytochrome P45 and 
       petunia blue gene.  
  5.)  Protocols that we have planed on using so far:
          a.)	Controls: Blue white screening on protoplasts, Acidic soil that turns flowers blue and Normal soil
          b.)  Procedures: Growth media, Gene Gun, growth methods, etc.
  6.) Meet on Tuesday during class time in the Meeting room at 2pm.  Have any systems/ parts that might be listed on the 
      website to use, Protocols if you can find any, Gene sequences for the plant.