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Project Idea: Symbiotic Energy Synthesis

The use of multiple organisms to produce energy. Algae produce lipids; dead algae fall as sediment and are processed by different types of bacteria to produce nutrients that sustain the algae cycle. The bacteria themselves are also producing some form of energy (we were thinking methane). If it's fermentation we may need to have two separate tanks, one of algae+bacteria and another of biogas-producing bacteria.

For instance, parts of one type of system:

  1. Bacterial Congregation
  2. the bacteria are dependent on algae so can't exist independently (outside of reactor)
  3. Component cycling
  4. produce oil, ethanol, electricity
  5. optimize production
  6. context specific behavior (life cycle stages depending on nutrients present)
  7. engineer bacteria that don't have aerobic life cycles and can only ferment? take away need for two separate tanks