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Meeting Info

  • When: Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  • Where: Y2E2 105
  • Leaders: Nghi + Ariane
  • Secretary: Suzie


  • Developing a working timeline from now until the Jamboree. We will have a large calendar (from January until November) spread out on the walls of the room. We will go around the room to ask for ideas of activities you want to accomplish from now until November. After writing each idea on a post-it, we will work together to place these things on the calendar. These are some of the things we would like you to consider: delve into a new project area (not related to energy), hear from another one of our grad students about possible projects relating to synthetic biology, listen to more presentations by students, look at old iGEM projects, work on team building, etc. We want your inputs in order to have a general framework of what we need to do as your directors to help you achieve your goals. (~60min)

  • Plan for next week's meeting. Depending on our new timeline, we will develop a plan for the next meeting. (~30 min)