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Weiss Lab Photos!



Shimon Weiss

Project Scientists

Xavier Michalet
Laurent Bentolila
Jianqing Jack Li

Graduate Students

Zhiping Feng
Sarah Weitz
SangYoon Chung
KyungWon Park
Yazan Alhadid
Robert Boutelle
Xiyu Yi

Post-doctoral Fellows

Jianmin Xu
Antonio Ingargiola


Jason Chang
Crystal Joh
Israel Monroy

Alumni (incomplete list)

Niusha Sarkhosh
Soohong Kim
Ron Lin
Ryan A. Colyer (user page)
Gopal Iyer
Marcus Jager
Younggyu Kim
Thomas Dertinger
Yuval Ebenstein
Javad Farahani
Yun-Pei Chang
Devdoot Majumdar
Eyal Nir (2002-2008, postdoc) currently group leader at Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva
Kambiz Hamadani (2002-2008, grad student) currently in lab of Jamie Cate, UC Berkeley
Natalie Gassman (2002-2008, grad student) currently in lab of , Wake Forest
Fabien Pinaud (2001-2007, grad student) currently in lab of Maxim Dahan, CNRS
Xiangxu Kong (2002-2007, grad student) currently at Pacific Biosciences
James Tsay (2002-2006, grad student) currently in lab of Doug Smith, UCSD
Achillefs N. Kapanidis (1998-2004) is a lecturer, and leads a single molecule group at Oxford University
Ted Lawrence is a researcher at LLNL
Soeren Doose
Emanuel Margeat is at the Universite de Montpellier, France
Sam On-Ho (2002-2008) is working at Molecular Express, a life sciences biotechnology company in Los Angeles, CA
You Korlann (2003-2008) is developing next-generation sequencing technologies at Invitrogen in Carlsbad, CA


Jack-April 5
Shimon-May 20
Laurent-Jul 3

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