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New papers There have been several news articles in press from the Lab.

  • Amy published her first, first authored paper which will apppear in Biotropica Dapper et al.
  • Doug has a new paper online at the Journal of Evolutionary Biology Drury and Wade .
  • Devin (Drown et al) published on the shape of phenotypic plasticity and invasiveness, a chapter from his dissertation, appearing in Evolutionary Applications.
  • Mike published a paper in Evolutionary Applications that appeared in the September issue Wade et al 2010. There are several other IU faculty appearing in the issue, so be sure to check out the rest of the articles. He has a paper in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology Priest and Wade 2010 on genetic diseases. Another note of his appears in Current Biology Wade 2010.

Welcome -evins! Two new postdocs, Devin Drown & Kevin Preuss have joined the lab. Kevin will be triboliating, while Devin will be algebrating.

Some perfectly cromulent papers Dave has a string of new papers! Check out his work with jeff smith & Peter Zee on Hamilton's rule for microbes in Science, as well as his solo effort on kin competition in Evolution.

Paying the bills. Amy just pulled down two great sources of funding - first, received support from an NIH training grant Common themes in reproductive diversity here at IU, and then she landed the coveted NSF predoctoral fellowship. Meanwhile, Yaniv has been selected as a Postdoc Fellow by the center for population biology at UC Davis, where he will be supported by an NSF postdoc fellowship in bioinformatics.

Our work is being highlighted by Nature Reviews Genetics, the Faculty of 100 and The New York Times! Dave and Mike's paper on the genetic consequences of conditional gene expression was featured as a research highlight by NRG in its March issue. The collaboration between Emilie Snell-Rood, Tami, Dave, Mike and Armin was featured in Faculty of 1000, and Yaniv's undergraduate research on aging in mice was discussed by Olivia Judson in the times.


Dave & Mike in Genetics. December 2009. Dave and Mike explore the evolution of genes that are not expressed by every individual in every generation Read the paper.

Genetic differentiation among wild beetles. July 2009. Congrats to Doug, Ashley and Mike, whose recent paper in the journal of heredity documents the genetic differentiation of Tribolium castaneum across the globe Read the paper

Mike is so Wright. Congrats to Mike Wade for earning the Sewall Wright Award from the American Society of Naturalists. According to Mike "This is better than winning an award named after Fisher!" The Sewall Wright Award, established in 1991, is given annually and honors a senior but still active investigator who is making fundamental contributions to the Society's goals, namely, promoting the conceptual unification of the biological sciences Read more.

Big money (no wammies). March 2009. Doug Drury, Jeff Demuth and Mike Wade just raked in a multimillion dollar grant. Read more about our new funding here.

DDIGing. March 2009. Congrats to Yaniv, recipient of the NSF's Doctoral Dissetation Impovement Grant to study the genetics of seed size in tomatoes.

N(t + 1) = N(t) +1. March 2009. Congrats to Esther Ellen on the arrival Fleur to her family. Congrats the new mom, and welcome to the extended family, Fleur!

Reporting on Science. February 10th 2009:Congrats to Jef Akst who was awarded 'Story of the week' and 'Rookie of the week' awards for her science reporting for the Indiana Daily Student. Read Jef's award winning article on bedbugs here.

Evolution paper. January 2009. Congrats to Mike and Yaniv whose paper will appear in an Evolution Journal near you soon! The manuscript shows how selection can influence the evolution of male-specific mitochondrial effects. Link


Mike gets respect!! April 28th 2008: Congrats to Mike J Wade, lab leader & head hancho, who capped off the '07-'08 academic year with admission into the American Acady of Arts & Sciences. This year , Mike has also been elected a Fellow of the American Assocation for the Advancement of Science, promoted to the rank of IU Distinguished Professor and named recipient of the Biology Senior Class Award for Teaching Excellence in Biology and Dedication to Undergraduates.

CTRD. April 21st 2008: Congrats to Yaniv Brandvain - botanist, animal behaviorist, reproductive biologist, squash & racquetball enthusiast, and all around renaissance man, who is now a CTRD fellow.

EvoDevo Paper. April 21st 2008. Congrats to Tami Cruickshank, whose paper with Mike has been accepted by Evolution & Development. Link

IGERT. March 18th 2008: Congrats to Dave Van Dyken and Doug Drury who both earned NSF IGERT fellowships. They join Jen Patterson, and Tami Cruikshanks as current Wade labbers supported by the IGERT. Doug celebrated with a rare gesture of buying dinner for friends, while Dave relaxed and caught up with lost.

Lab fitness. March 2008: Welcome to the lab, Oliver Warren Patterson, son of Jen.


SMBE 2007. May 28th 2007: Congrats to Tami Cruickshank and Yaniv Brandvain who have had their talks acccepted to the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Acceptance was competitive, with a (50% success rate). Special congrats to Tami, who received one of ten graduate student travel awards ($1,000 cold cash).

The honorable sweep. March 26th 2007: All FOUR Wade Labbers who applied for an NSF predoc: Dave Van Dyken, Doug Drury, Tami Cruickshank, & Jef Akst, as each received an honorable mention. This is the largest recorded predoc honorable mention sweep since 1962. "I'm just glad to be a part of this historic event" said 2nd year PhD student Dave Van Dyken. "Honorable mention? So do we get any money?" asked the less noble Doug Drury.

Science Mag. March 26th 2007: Yaniv Brandvain, Mike Barker & Mike Wade have a paper in this week's Science. "This is the first broad pattern in Nature that shows the importance of epistasis. WoHoo!" says the jubilent Wade. Link

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