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March 4th


  1. determine concentration of gold particles
  2. find equal amount of reactant free gold particles


  • ran uv vis on our gold nanoparticles from alpha and beta to determine the concentration of our nanoparticles
    • they were determined to be around 10^12.
  • we are making the gamma method protein nanoparticles
    • doing 10^-8 M protein concentration
    • adding 9.9mls and 100ul of protein
    • stir for 30 minutes at room temperature
    • spin for 30 minutes at 6500g


Image:Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.26.17 PM.png


The gold nanoparticle concentration that we were using in alpha and beta method were 10^12...The reactant free nps that we are using are 10^11, but we have diluted them tenfold to 10^10.

  • I think that we should have lesser activity in the gamma method as there is less gold nanoparticles per ml

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