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Metal promotor & ArsR-MBP Main project page
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Metal promotors

  • Ligation according to Paul's method


  • Continue Jolanda's work, perform transformation
  • Look into restriction, ligation → What were her bottlenecks?


  • DONE LB Agar, get someone to do it (Nienke or Steven Jelle)
  • Take over as Chair
    • Fundraising city, sent message (discuss Michael)
    • Sponsorshirts, Frans? (waiting for final offer)
    • Remind people to think about titles, deadline tomorrow
    • Preparations Update Oscar Kuipers
    • Taking over someone else his/her work, remind people to document carefully!
  • Talk to Jasper


  • Ask Paul about his method
  • Widgets were added to iGEM wiki, point this out to team members

PharmBio: M&M and Results Main project page
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  • TODO Rewrite results
    • add TEV trials
    • separate blot part
  • DONE More detail on Engineering fusion proteins m&m


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