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About Me

Wesley S Bond (an artistic interpretation)
Wesley S Bond (an artistic interpretation)

I'm a graduate student at BCM in the Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine program. The goal of the TBMM program is to train scientists to understand the process of moving basic research into the clinic and to direct their research towards a goal of clinical application. I'm currently in rotations and haven't committed to a lab.


  • 2001, BS, Mississippi State University

Research interests

  • Current rotation - Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Dr. Richard Hurwitz
    • Preliminary experiments to determine of whether adenoviral protein IX (pIX) is involved in transcriptional regulation of adenoviral genes.


  1. Bond WS, Roberts EL, and Warnock JN. . pmid:17518568. PubMed HubMed [Paper1]

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