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Kiney Computer

My tracking software didn't work well on that computer. When i tried to run it it had bugs that were minor but had to be fixed. Like wrong image type which wasn't a problem on my computer. once i had all those fixed i tried to track something from Andy's new videos and it couldn't track the μT well. Then i tried to run it on this computer. First i had to get rid of the small fixes then it tracked the μT just fine. I am not sure what's wrong with that computer something about it being super shitty probably. but if it works on this one then i'll just let Andy do his analization on this duel screen greatness over here.

Also I asked if he would like a .vi that can cut up his movies and save them as a new .avi. he said yeah. Since he moves the field of view a lot it would be easier if the movie only contained a non moving field. So i can make a .vi that will allow Andy to select two frames. One the beginning and one the end and then save all the frames in the middle as a new .avi. Shouldn't be that hard. And Jesus do I like programming better than reading boring papers and writing a boring paper. OK I finished the program. Probably gonna have some minor adjustments to make it more pretty looking and probably some stuff to improve user friendliness. Right now if you don't load the .avi first it gets bitchy but i can fix that. I just gotta think how. but other than that it works just fine. (Steve Koch 01:18, 3 November 2009 (EST):Thanks for working with Andy on this. It also reminded me that the machine you're using now has a RAID HD system which is meant to ensure no loss of data. So, I think it's time to switch Kiney with kochlab-daq1. You can keep your dual-monitors, and since you use "my documents" and "desktop", your stuff will still be saved on a RAID system (the server). I don't think you'll need the performance like you did with SDM, and once we get into SDM again, we'll have money to buy another machine. It will be a bit annoying in terms of installing a few things that you use, but definitely worth it for the data acquisition.)

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