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.exe never work the first time

Hey Koch, so i am basically done with what i want to do before sending it to Haiqing. (I can add that threshold in but i think that'll be a lot of trouble for something that might not work better. If you think i should i can.) Anyway i compiled it into an .exe and this is what it looks like

No problem right?
No problem right?

That is well and good except this is what the original file looks like

I only worked two days getting those buttons to work. No big deal
I only worked two days getting those buttons to work. No big deal

2 of the buttons are missing. Yeah what the fuck?! I saved everything closed labview completely and still no change.

And i don't know why the print screen didn't work well but i don't really care about that. once i get back to my real name i can enjoy the sweet embrace of evernote again.

Any thoughts Koch. I would like to send this to her before Monday, but i can wait to see you in person on Monday if it is the easiest.

Is it using the right VI to compile the *.exe? Like maybe it's selecting an old version of the VI? Did you try restarting the computer.

I restarted it but I left before it restarted. I'll take a look at to make sure it is compiling the right .vi, but i am pretty sure it is

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