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Reporting machine IP address []

  • Sometimes our machines are connected to the internet throught ADSL connections, wich tend to have dynamical IP rather tan static ones. This means that the "address" of our machine is not fixed and can vary when the router reboots.
  • *If you have a static/fixed IP don't bother about this, has you will be able to connect to your machine using always that same IP
  • But, otherwise you will need to know you machine's IP in order to connect to it.
  • There is a nice script [1] that can run on your machine and send you an e-mail everytime it detects an IP change


  • inputs_marmalade for writing the script and posting it online[2]
  • Tyler Hyndman for posting is solution relating libraries [3]
  • Charles Lockhart[4] for GPG cheatsheet[5]

Preventing dos attacks in your ssh

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