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  1. UV/Vis and Fluorescence Spectra run for samples after reaction
  2. Data analysis for UV VIs and Fluorescence data collected


  1. Main UV/Vis machine was used to record UV/VIS Spectra of Casein AgNPs, not ocean optics.
  2. A water blank in the same quartz cuvette was record ed for blanking in data analysis


  1. UV/Vis spectra of reaction mixes were taken from 200-800nm
  2. Fluorescence spectra was run. Reactions excited at 280nm for tryptophan and tyrosine fluorescence before and after reaction. Scanned emission spectra from 300-540nm ( to avoid excitation peaks at 280 and 570nm)
  3. UV/Vis and Fluorescence Spectroscopy data can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data


  1. Color change notes and UV-VIs/ Fluorescence information can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data
  2. Whey and soy gold were in neutral reaction, pea, casein and rice silver protein were basic - all experience color change (silver=yellow, red/purple = gold)

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