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pH Effect on AuNP Main project page
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To determine the effect of varying the pH of buffer solutions added to a AuNP solution, ratio 70.


  1. Take UV-vis data of 70 Au/BSA ratio solution prepared on 01/31/12.
  2. Take UV-vis data of 0.9 mL of each AuNP solution + 0.1 mL of the following pH values of 50 mM Tris:
    • pH 7.5
    • pH 10.1
    • pH 11.85


The following graphs represent the data collected in the analysis of the effect of pH on our nanoparticle solution.

There appears to be a small shift toward UV and slightly increased absorbance with high pH values.


We had difficulty calibrating the pH meter used to determine the pH of buffer solutions. Calibration values had to be manually entered.

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