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Creation of a Calibration Curve that Accounts for the Effect of Nanoparticles in Fluorescence of Rhodamine

  • Today I created a calibration curve that attempts to relate the concentration of nanoparticles present to the fluorescence response of Rhodamine B.

Creation of Standards

  • Solutions all contain 100 nM Rhodamine B
  • Standards were all made such that the final volume was 1 mL
  • The following chart describes the quantities (in μL) that were added to create each standard:

  • Fluorescence was performed with an excitation wavelength of 520 nm and the emissions were measured from 540-700 nm.

Calibration Curve

Figure 1: The figure above plots log(I/I0) against the volume of AuNP added. I is integrated fluorescence intensity and I0 is the integrated fluorescene intensity with no AuNP added.

  • The trendline that best fits the calibration curve is a third order polynomial. Additional data points should be gathered in order to determine if this trendline holds true as it's a somewhat strange/unexpected pattern.

Creation of New Samples and Analysis of Most Recent Samples

  • Nicole and Maxi created new samples and analyzed those made last week. See Nicole's Notebook.

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