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  • 8am-1pm: ran JK/TBI mice: watermaze spatial 1
  • Things were running fine
  • pay attention to release points: cae 1: mice had to be rerun because we released them all from the west.
  • tracking got off (light got bumped?)
  • ligts shouldnot be too close to the tub. Too much reflection. Lts should not face camera, too much wash out. Overhead lighs should be of. Lights should be situated back from tub, perhaps even facing away and reflecting off walls.
  • Concern: camera movement from AC. Hanging cords too low
  • Also: be sure to not allow animals to cral into animal cages: keep lids shut! This should not happen
  • Review protocol for watermaze set up. be sure to appropriately define arena, or it sets up many problems for tracking.
  • Note: gray scale preferable & dark obj against white background. Pixels between 25-75 set contrast from lower limit.

--Melissa S. Dulcich 21:53, 16 December 2008 (EST)

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