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Error fetching PMID 16600968:
  1. Error fetching PMID 16600968: [OmpX]
  • Fused the N and C terminals of the OmpX protein and created a protein with a N and C terminus that are outside the cell (by 'cutting' one of the beta-barrel loops that was outside the cell)
  • About 500 bp
  • Other systems that might have external display of C or N terminal: INP, EaeA intimin, and EstA
  • Can be overexpressed without damage to membrane
  • Less efficient than OmpX
  • MIT 2007 IGEM team is working with this protein - check back in the fall and hopefully it will already be a part

Error fetching PMID 12039531:
  1. Error fetching PMID 12039531: [Protein-Display-Review]
  • Thorough review of all significant surface display proteins
  • Surface proteins facilitate diverse functions such as "cell-cell recognition, signal transduction, surface adherence, colonization, and immunoreactions"
  • Table 1 (p. 131) contains good overview of surface display proteins sorted by family
  • Promising system: Lpp'OmpA (p. 133) carries large passenger and expresses on cell surface, folding of passenger can be a problem
  • Lots of system with various drawbacks: not well studied, small passenger, and structure
  • Section on Gram positive bacteria and applications

Error fetching PMID 12480350:
  1. Error fetching PMID 12480350: [Microbial-Surface-Display-Review]
  • Four requirements for a carrier protein (all quoted)
    • Efficient signal peptide or transporting signal to allow premature fusion protein to go through the inner membrane
    • Strong anchoring structure to keep fusion proteins on the cell surface
    • Compatible with foreign protein
    • Resistant to proteases in the the periplasmic space or medium
  • Describes several system of surface display including sections on Gram positive bacteria and yeast

Error fetching PMID 12522254:
  1. Error fetching PMID 12522254: [Voulhoux-Role]
  • Omp85 plays a crucial role in the functionality of IgA and other outer membrane proteins
  • Inner membrane - phospholipid bilayer, outer membrane - asymmetric with phospholipids and lipopolysaccharides
  • Signal sequence is cleaved off after translocation into the periplasm
  • omp85 is essential for growth
  • "In the Omp85-depleted strain, the processed passenger domain of IgA1 protease was barely detectable, and the full-length form was found to accumulate"

Error fetching PMID 1625582:
  1. Error fetching PMID 1625582: [Benz-AIDA-1]
  • Discovery of adhesin involved in diffuse adherence (AIDA) in e coli
  • Has 49 aa signal sequence
  • 50% homology to virG in S. flexneri
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