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Continuation of Ionic Liquid Exchange Clay

  • Dr. Hartings completed the washes for the Ionic Exchange Clay from last Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2014.
  • The clay was spread on a watch glass to dry.
  • As the film dried, a spackle-like texture was observed.
  • The solid was scraped off from the watch glass and ground into a mortar and pestle.
  • The ground solid weighed in the amount of 1.04572 g; this was transferred into a scintillating vial.
  • The exchanged clay material was stored by Dr. Hartings in an oven to evaporate excess water in the solid.

Film Synthesis

  • PVA Film
    • 1.0005g PVA
  • PVA-Clay Film
    • 1.0117g PVA + 0.1105g Clay

Analysis of PVA-malachite green data

  • I prepared an MS Excel workbook containing the calculations for the grams of malachite green absorbed per gram of film.

Film Suspension in Arsenic and Mercury

  • Data below were taken from James Schwabacher's entry:
  • Mercury stock solution
  1. 0.0908g HgCl2
    1. (0.0908g HgCl2)*(1mol HgCl2/271.5g HgCl2)*(1mol HgCl2/1mol Hg)*(200.59g Hg/1mol Hg) = 0.0671g Hg
    2. put in 250mL volumetric
    3. 268ppm Hg
  • Arsenite solutions for vials from 0.0499 mol/L (3738.588 ppm As) stock. These were made by me and Eleni for the entire class.
  1. 4 mL of stock in 100 mL volumetric flask -> 150 ppm As
  2. 2.67 mL of stock in 100 mL volumetric flask -> 100 ppm As
  3. 1.337 mL of stock in 100 mL volumteric flask -> 50 ppm As
  • Mercury solutions for vials from 268 ppm Hg stock. These were prepared by me and Madeleine, to split between our groups.
  1. 27.985 mL of stock in 50 mL volumetric flask -> 150 ppm
  2. 18.657 mL of stock in 50 mL volumetric flask -> 100 ppm
  3. 9.328 mL of stock in 50 mL volumteric flask -> 50 ppm

As and Hg Absorption Experiment Set Up

' As/Hg Conc. (ppm) Vial (g) Vial+Film (g) Film (g)
PVA OnlyAs 5013.1198713.247740.12787
PVA-ClayAs 5013.0859213.276360.19044

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