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Restricted file :p

  • Today, I arrived early to check that my restrictions went out well. After inactivating them at 70°C for 10 min, I ran a gel:

  • The lanes were as follows:

1. Ladder.

2. lumP with XBA I and PST I.

3. lumP with XBA I.

4. lumP with PST I.

5. p17 with ECO RI.

6. p17 with XBA I.

7. p17 with SPE I.

8. p17 with PST I.

9. luciferase wt with ECO RI and PST I. (failed)

10. mutated luciferase with ECO RI and PST I. (failed)

11. J23100 with SPE I and PST I.

12. J23100 with ECO RI.

13. J23100 with XBA I.

14. J23100 with SPE I.

15. J23100 with PST I.

16. pBluescriptIIKS (+/-).

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