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Absorbance Data, AuNP/DNA Attachment Main project page
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July 17, 2013

Absorbance Data: AuNP@SiO2 Dilutions

All samples vortexed before running UV-vis measurements to ensure dispersion of nanoparticles in solution.
Image:2013_0717_5uL_TES-MHA_1.PNG Image:2013_0717_5uL_TES-MHA_2.PNG


Image:2013_0717_20uL_TES-MHA.PNG Image:2013_0717_dilution_comparison.PNG

DNA and AuNP Attachment Procedure

Replicate procedure from 07/15/2013 with 268mM sodium citrate buffer.

Absorbance Data

Corrected, with HEPES buffer used as reference solution.
Calculations regarding the percentages of AuNPs and DNA in the solution and each supernatant will be done.

For NIST Tomorrow

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