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  • ✓ Cultures: SP1AB (KAH020) and p65 (KAH017) site-directed mutagenesis clones

> Check via sequencing

--> Order: Genewiz standard
--> Note: sequence discrepancies same as before; probably due to mutations carried by U2OS

  1. KAH020-1 P0001: good; PstI #1 successfully mutated; discrepancy at bp 230 (A -> G); keep this clone
  2. KAH020-1 P0002: good; discrepancy at bp 1141 (A -> G)
  3. KAH020-2 P0001: same as KAH020-1
  4. KAH020-2 P0002: same as KAH020-1
  5. KAH020-3 P0001: same as KAH020-1
  6. KAH020-3 P0002: same as KAH020-1
  7. KAH020-4 P0001: same as KAH020-1
  8. KAH020-4 P0002: same as KAH020-1
  9. KAH017-1 P0001: complete mutagenesis failed; still has second PstI site; keep this one and re-do s.d. mutagenesis w/ same primer (checked primer seq, it's correct)
  10. KAH017-1 P0002: "
  11. KAH017-2 P0001: complete mutagenesis failed; still has second PstI site
  12. KAH017-2 P0002: "

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