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Gene Expression and Development in Fungi Main project page
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Trichoderma & A. thaliana interaction

Things to do

  • Check plants
  • Move to soil plants

Things done

  • Plants were checked
  • Unfortunatly our seeds were polluted. And Emmy and me are no having succesful number of growth seeds.


  • Nothing to say

Intergenic sequences in T.atroviride

Things to do

  • Extract whole intergenic sequences of Trichoderma atroviride.

Things done

  • Half on the way.


  • Unfortunately genomme is not well annotated, I mean, the file .gff in JGI, have somo problems. Some IDs are part of the all models. This gives me problems.
  • To avoid problems I used IRanges, in order to "reduce()" the coords of Conding Zones and leaving Intergenic By Strand apart.
  • GettingWholeIntergenicSequences.R file.


  • There are no extras
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