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June 19th, 2010

1. Run electrophoresis gel to verify PCR (from June 18th) results.

Lanes: 1) Ladder; 2) Old dNTP`s, old Pimers, new buffer and MgCl2; 3) New dNTP’s, new primers, new buffer and MgCl2; 4) Old dNTP`s, new primers, new buffer and MgCl2; 5) New dNTP’s, old primers, new buffer and MgCl2; 6) New dNTP’s, new primers, old buffer and MgCl2; 7) Old dNTP’s, old primers, rTth; 8) New dNTP’s, new primers, rTth; 9) Old dNTP’s, new primers, rTth; 10) New dNTP’s, old primers, rTth.

2. Replate transformations from June18th, transformation with plasmid 18 (p18) and backbone plasmid (pSB3K3-P1010) failed. The backbone plasmid has a toxin inserted, so I have to transform it in a toxin-resistant strain. I’ll use instead pSB3K3-J04450 to transform, it is the same plasmid but it has inserted RFP.

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