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June 1st, 2010

1. PCR with RTTH

  • PCR was done for Blue Promoter (2 reactions) and OGR as a control for primers. Reactives needed are as follows for one reaction with 2 ul of DNA each one:
Buffer 3.3x 6
Mg(Ac)2 3
dNTP’s 2
Primer FWD 2.5
Primer REV 2.5
Total 30
Reaction 2
HPLC 10.5
Buffer 3.3x 9
RTTH 0.5
Total 20

2. PCR product was purified using the High Pure PCR Product Purification Kit and an agarose gel 3% was run to verify PCR product.

Lanes: 1,5) Ladder; 2) BP1; 3) BP2; 4) OGR

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