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  • Obtain UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectra for JCS 6
  • Run DSC of JCS 4 and JCS 5 films

DSC Data

Image:JCS_4_DSC.png Image:JCS_5_DSC.png


An unexpected thing occurred today--the rotovapped JCS 4 & 5 samples formed films!

  1. ~1 mL of HPLC grade water was added to the round bottom. This lead to the formation of hydroogels
  2. upon the addition of minimal amount of water and swirling, the hydrogel became layers of thin films

JCS 6 has not displayed any fluorescence. Futrhermore, the films do not fluoresce either.


  1. Is the hydrogel/film formation repeatable?
  2. Why have we not had any success with the synthesis of fluorescent QDs?

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