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  • UVVis and Fluorescence of re-suspended JCS 1 and JCS 2
  • Creation of a hot-injection version of this HgS QD synthesis


  1. New BSA Solution (15 mg/mL)
    1. .1515 g of BSA in 10.1 mL of HPLC grade water
  2. Added 5 mL of 5mM HgNO3 to 5 mL of 15 mg/mL BSA
  3. Added 60 μL of 1 M NaOH
  4. JCS 4 is being synthesized at room temperature with vigorous stirring
  5. JCS 5 is being synthesized at ~50 degrees Celsius (mantle setting 14.5) with vigorous stirring

JCS 1 and JCS 2 Data

Image:BSA_HgS_QDs_FL_100114.png Image:BSA_HgS_QDs_UVVIS_10012014.png Image:BSA_HgS_QDs_UVVIS_zoomed_10012014.png

Data updated with JCS 3

Image:BSA_HgS_QDs_FL_100114_2.png Image:BSA_HgS_QDs_UVVIS_10012014_2.png Image:BSA_HgS_QDs_UVVIS_zoomed_10012014_2.png


  • The supernatant from the centrifugation of JCS 1 darkened to brown after sitting in the dark in the drawer
  • After speaking with Dr. Hartings, we are going to try to rotovap the water off of the NPs, rather than the precipitation-centrifugation purification procedure.

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