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22 May 2013

  • Read Abstracts and prepared for lab meeting
  • Participated in lab meeting
  • Inoculated OP50-1
     -8mL LB with 4┬ÁL strep. and single colony for Adam's stock plates
     -3mL LB w/o antibiotic and streak of bacteria for T-streaking stock OP50-1 for me, Adam, and Jonathan/AJ
     -placed in shaker over night 
  • Cleaned up poster for UABRC with Skyler
     -added logos for URSA and INBRE, corrected grammatical mistakes and evened out graphs with the help of Megan
     -note: Adobe Acrobat allows for some editing that can not be done in Illustrator, first you must save illustrator file as an adobe PDF, then import to acrobat, then edit page. This allows for the editing of text that was locked in an image (change graph titles for instance).

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