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Today's experiment consists on performing a fluorescence spectrophotometry on [Ru(bpy)2-(5aminophen)](PF6)2 standard solution (whose concentration go from 0 to 100µM).


  • By using the Ru-bpy stock solution (476µM) we are going to make 6 different standard solution.

Image:5oct - SSolution table.png

  • For each standard solution, we performed a fluorescence spectrum (excitation at 450nm; emission range from 500 to 700nm)


  • Fluorescence intensity as a function of the wavelength

Image:5oct - SS - FI=f(w).png

  • Integration of the fluorescence intensity (corresponds to the area under each curve)

Image:5oct-Integrated value table.png

We used excel to get these values

  • Integrated value of the Fluorescence intensity as a function of the standard solution concentration

Image:5oct-Integrated =f(concentration SS).png

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