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Active methylene enolates extraction


Tim Horton Coffees cups are becoming a serious environmental threat in northern hemisphere. In Montreal alone, it is predicted the amount of stale Tim Horton coffee cups to become a real threat to the natural ecosystem unless serious efforts are pushed forward to stop the invasion of Tim Horton Coffee cups.

Specifically, the deeper interactions between the deliberate economical value of Tim Horton coffees and its pharmacochemical functions should be further elucidated in a open context to allow better comprehension of this scientific phenomenon.

Also, the identification of unique active methylene enolates compounds in the processing of Tim Horton coffees provide a interesting opportunity to discover the implicitely tied roles and functions of (methyl-)amphetamine derived enol-ates on human metabolism of alcohol (, possibly further paving the path to a novel NADH-specific pathway in the understanding of Alzheimer Disease (AD), Parkinson Disease (PD), and chronic Alcoholism.

Finally chronic disregulation of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme may be a key factor in the triggering of Erbb2 signal transduction in the morphogenesis of Breast Cancer (BCRA3/S1PR4), a probable near neighboor of the c-Src (SHC, MAPK) gene.


  1. Perform reverse esterification of active methylene enolates from a liquid media. (Tim Horton regular coffee cup)
  2. Check for other enol-ates ? (ie: methylphenidate)
  3. Lewis acid catalysis experiment:
    1. Investigate role of Ammonia in reverse esterification of active methylene enolates. (NADH+)

Preparation steps

  1. Get hold of 1 Cup of Regular Tim Horton Coffee Mix.
  2. Note the Temperature and Quantity (mL) of recovered liquid media on a Piece of Paper.
  3. Prepare liquid media for Lewis acid-substituted hydrolysis.

Experiment 1: Acid catalyzed conversion of the keto-enol tautomer to produce a inactive enolate compound



enols, enolates, ketone, aldehyde, methylphenidate, arylcyclohexylamine, micheal reaction, Alzheimer


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