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Cooling PPF-18 and PPF-20 Main project page
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  1. Place PPF-18 and PPF-20 in sand in the oven.
  2. Slowly turn down oven temperature over the course of several hours.
  3. Filter PPF-18 and PPF-20 using nylon filter paper over a watch glass.
    • Leaving solutions in oven longer resulted in higher yield.
    • Total yield: 7.7 mg PPF-18, 19.7 mg PPF-20.


Blue = excitation, red = emission

  • Graph of fluorescence of PPF-18, full spectrum, excited at 423 nm:
Image:12-06-18 fluorescence of PPF-18 ex. 423 full spectrum.png
  • Graph of fluorescence of PPF-20, full spectrum, excited at 532 nm:
Image:12-06-18 fluorescence of PPF-20 ex. 532 full spectrum.png

Image:12-06-18 uv-vis of PPF18, PPF-20, and components.png
Image:12-06-18 fluorescence of PPF-18, PPF-20, and components.png
Image:12-06-18 fluorescence of PPF-18.png
Image:12-06-18 fluorescence of PPF-20.png

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