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Cluzel Lab Notebook
Daniel Goodman
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Printing spots on glass slide using micrometer stage

  • printed from 10.5-11.1 Y axis
  • printing produces reproducible spots, smaller than chip width (need to compute exact diameter)
  • printing from higher up might reduce spot size, need to check
  • printing repeatedly might reduce spot size
  • need to quantify OD:cells per area ratio (might change with stationary vs exponential
  • phase and 1 gfp image saved in 4-2 dir on titan
  • will transfer to agarose later today: saved slide in petri dish at 12:15 pm


  • made 1 ml 4% agarose at 12:20 pm


  • grew 1 ml cells with 1 col gfp cells (around 11:45 am); forgot to add amp (1 ul), did so at 12:22 pm

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