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Solutions were made 9/14/2016

  • They had been in 80C oven for four hours and then sat at room temperature.

UV-Vis spectra were taken of each sample from 200-800nm.


0.0625mM fructose 4-12pH (left to right)

0.125mM fructose 4-12pH (left to right)

0mM fructose 12-4pH (left to right)


  • The 0mM fructose at pH 11 had NPs collected at the bottom which were mixed into solution before UV-Vis taken. No other samples appeared to have any NPs at bottom of test tube.
  • The 0.0625mM fructose at pH 11 also had NPs collected at the bottom of the test tube.


Absorbance v. Wavelength at 0mM Fructose

Peak at 538nm for 0mM fructose

Absorbance v. Wavelength at 0.0625mM Fructose

Peak at 538nm for 0.0625mM Fructose

Absorbance v. Wavelength at 0.125mM Fructose

Peak at 537nm for 0.125mM Fructose

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