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Biomaterials Design Lab: Spring 2014 Main project page
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  • Run UV-Vis of all ratios of BSA-AuNP and 30:1 lysozyme-AuNP samples with 2,2 bipyridine.
  • Take conductivity of 60:1, 70:1, 80:1, 90:1, and 100:1 BSA-AuNPs baked with MgCl2 measured at room temperature.
  • Calculate equilibrium constants for heated 30:1 lysozyme:AuNP (with variables added after baking) at 37°C, room temperature 30:1 lysozyme:AuNP (with variables added after baking), and cooled 30:1 lysozyme:AuNP (with variables added after baking) at 4°C.


Conductivity Readings of 30:1 Lysozyme-AuNP Samples with Variables Added After Baking

UV-Vis of 30:1 Lysozyme-AuNP with Different Variables Image:Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.00.24_PM.png Image:Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.00.38_PM.png Image:Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.00.48_PM.png Image:Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.01.00_PM.png Image:Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.01.11_PM.png Image:Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.01.57_PM.png


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