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Google Docs Integration

  • Integrate parts of Google Docs into OWW for managing structured documents as well as providing an alternative trust model for members
  • Work is being done in a private wiki. This wiki will be accessible it's stable.
  • Goals
    • Document Types
      • Use of spreadsheets for storing structured tabular content relevant to the research process.
      • Use of .doc files for storing binary word processing documents
      • Use of PDF files for storing publication-ready copies of documents relevant to the publication process
      • More to be considered over time
    • Integration with other services
      • Authentication: extend current OWW OpenID to use external OpenID providers
      • User/entity management: use external entity security model to extend protection of document into OWW for selected classes of documents.
      • Leverage mail, calendar, and online alerting mechanisms
      • Leverage social networking platforms to selectively expose OWW content under the management of individual users
      • Leverage of connections between users as they permit to increase the relevance of OWW content and how individual users interact with it to improve the quality of research.


  • For read-access to the private wiki where work is being done, contact me (Bill Flanagan)

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