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BIOL 598 - Advanced Topics in Gene Expression

'Comparison between Snap 3Dx and cytological test in diagnostic for Ehrlichia canis in dogs of Sinaloa, Mexico'

Sosa G. C, Gaxiola C. S. ,Cota G. S., Castro C.N., Cárcamo A.N., Quintero M.T.,

Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (CME) is a dog’s disease world-wide distribution. The etiologic agent is the rickettsia Ehrlichia canis. This disease is transmitted by the brown tick of the dog (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) and its sinology can vary depending the phase in which it finds one begins with an acute process characterized by depression, anorexy, lethargy, loss of weight and fever, followed by a subclinical stage. In Mexico the first case of canine monocytic Ehrlichiosis was diagnosed in 1996. The method definitive diagnosis of E. canis is the visualization of morulae within the monocitos in cytology. In order to determine the method diagnose more effective used against E. canis in Mexico, is necessary to compare them; with this aim, 40 infected sanguineous samples were obtained of dog natural way in different Veterinary Clinics from north, center and the south of the state, which were analyzed by means of ELISA (Snap 3Dx) measuring antibodies (Ab) and cytological test using Wright stain. The positive results to E. canis by ELISA (snap 3Dx) means of 28 (70%) and the cytology test with 26 (65%). The Statistical analysis was by means of the Index of J of Youden with an interval of 95% confidence. The prevalence in this case was of 70%, the patients correctly diagnosed was of 70%, Sensitivity 75%, Specificity 58.33%, Likehood ratio (+) 80.77% y LR (-) 50% with a Coefficient of Positive Probability 1,80 and Negative Coefficient of Probability 0.43. One concludes that the use of the method diagnose more effective is ELISA (Snap 3Dx) in comparison with cytology test is adapted for diagnose of E. canis.

Key words: Ehrlichia canis, dog, blood, ELISA, cytology test.

  • Fisrt North American Parasitology Congress. Merida,Yucatan. June 2007.
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