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Items To Discuss


Importing and using Excel

Google Doc Viewer

The doc needs to be published via Google Docs before it can be shown in OWW.

  • Example: Excel
    • Google Document ID: pPNCEiE71Bq1I759bMAFhTg
    • OWW Tag: {{ShowGoogleExcel | id=pPNCEiE71Bq1I759bMAFhTg}}
    • Output:
View/Edit Spreadsheet
  • Example: Word
    • Google Document ID: d7z7wrm_5cgnvmwcn
    • OWW Tag: {{ShowGoogleWord | id=d7z7wrm_5cgnvmwcn}}
    • Output:
d7z7wrm_5cgnvmwcnView/Edit Document

Editor extension

  • User:Endy/monobook.js
    • To Disable edit extensions, delete the contents of this page.
      • This should not be necessary!


  • Still fixing database bug related to how it is used.
    • It will show up on the toolbar within a day
    • There will be a screencam capture to demonstrate how it works
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