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33.SEQ (pIs001.P1, T7_rev)

33.SEQ (pIs001.P1, T7_rev)


Base Number (Sequence File Annotation) = Contig Sequence File Annotation Number + 198 where 198 is the number of trimmed 5' bases.

Base Number (Vector NTI File Annotation) = 5967 - Contig Sequence File Annotation Number

Base Number (Sequence File Annotation) Base Number (Vector NTI Annotation) Theoretical Base Read Base Notes
2135953CTI'm not sure a T should be here, but there's no sign of a C - problem
2365930CNMaybe a C - good
2845882CNMaybe a C - good
294-2955872CSpaceIt would be a stretch to say there's a C there - problem
3205845CNMaybe a C - good


Region of Interest (Vector NTI Annotation): 5318 - 6121 (ATG to TGA)

Lots of truncated 5' and 3' bases - may want to redo alignment with less trimming/manual comparison. Considering the 198 trimmed 3' bases would allow me to complete the region between the forward and reverse primers (~50 bases between the two) while considering the 195 trimmed 5' bases would allow me to see the end of the ORF (~140 bases to end of ORF).

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