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Department of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616

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Contact Prof Maloof: Contact

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Group meeting

Maloof and Harmer Lab joint group meeting on Tuesdays 3-4pm in LSA 1020.

date and speaker

Friday 4pm 1020 LSA

23-June Nicky and Mike (meet in 2002 LSA this week only)

30- June James and Cody

7- July Leonela and Hagop

14- July Dan and Akiva

21- July Kazu and Stacey

28- July Julin and Rod

4- Aug Amanda

11- Aug Nicky and Mike

18- Aug James and Cody

25- Aug Leonela and Dan

1- Sep Jessica and Hagop

8-Sep Akiva and Stacey

15- Sep Kazu and Julin

22- Sep Rod and Nicky

Next: Julin, Rod, Nicky, Mike, James, Cody, Leonela, Dan Jessica, Hagop, Akiva, Stacey, Amanda, Kazu

Journal club

The UCD circadian clock journal club (Harmer Lab/Chiu Lab) page may be found here.

Maloof lab journal club meets on Fridays, 3pm-4pm in 2002 LSA.

Survey Journal Club assignments

This quarter we will focus on topics including genomics, light signaling, abiotic stress, and resource allocation.

Seminar schedules

Friday plant biology seminar

Tuesday graduate student seminar

Joint seminars in molecular biology

All DBS seminars (searchable)

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