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What is the Point of this Project?


The goal of this project is to characterize the inner workings of the phospholocator , designed and built by Samantha Sutton. Although we know how the phospholocator device works, we don't have a quantitative description of how the parts interact.

Since the effectiveness (gain) of the phospholocator (PPL) device depends on the kinase parts being active, or phosphorylated, I will spend this summer finding out:

  • how much phosphorylated kinase is present in a cell
  • the relationship between phosphorylated kinase and phosphorylated PPL
  • how changing the concentration of active kinase and PPL in the cell effects the gain of the system
  • how to use this knowledge (which will be collected and posted on the [Registry of Standard Biological Parts]) to increase the gain of the PPL

How To...

  1. How to Monitor Cdc28 and Fus3 levels in yeast: Image:Fus3cdc28.doc
  2. How to Get Linear Expression of Phospholocator: Image:Linearexpr.doc


Plan of Attack

Current Thinking

Schedule for June 14 - June 23

Schedule for June 24 - June 30

Schedule for July 1 - July 8

Schedule for July 9 - July 16

Schedule for July 17 - July 26

Schedule for July 27 - August 2

Schedule for August 6 - August 14


Swi5 NLS

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Fus3 Docking Site

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Swapping Docking Sites

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Oriented Peptide Library Screens

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Chemical Inhibitors of Kinase function

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Gel Shift Paper

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Cool Modular Protein Engineering Examples

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