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This is an old pic but it will work for now
This is an old pic but it will work for now

Levi Morran


Science and Faith:

I am an evolutionary biologist and a follower of Jesus. I chose evolutionary biology (and specifically experimental evolution) as a field of study to get a firsthand look at the process of evolution as part of a personal search for truth. After almost 10 years of research, I am continually fascinated by, and an ardent proponent of, evolution and its comprehensive ability to explain the diversity of life on Earth. My quest for truth through the study of evolution has only served to strengthen my faith and allowed me to experience intellectual and spiritual freedom by embracing both faith and science as integral components in my life.

Given my faith and my love of science, it should be no surprise that I have a keen interest in the creation/evolution debate currently ongoing in the United States. I believe that Intelligent Design and certain forms of Creationism threaten to undermine the scientific integrity of science classrooms across the country, while also marginalizing and sabotaging religious faith. I am particularly interested in making science and the scientific method accessible, comprehensible, and nonthreatening to faith-based groups in an effort to preserve scientific integrity and reconcile the fact of evolution with the choice to have faith in the supernatural.

I am profoundly interested in the relationship between science and faith. It is one of my favorite discussion points, so please feel free to email me with your thoughts or comments. I truly enjoy civil discussion and hearing different points of view.

Ken Miller and Francis Collins are excellent scientists and scholars that present compelling cases regarding the compatibility of science and faith. I highly recommend their work to anyone exploring this topic. Organizations I support:

  • Team Zachary raises funds for Lymphoma research through the University of Nebraska Medical Center in memory of my best friend Zach May.
  • National Center for Science Education is an organization that advocates for the inclusion of evolution and exclusion of nonscientific "origins" theories in public school science curricula.
  • Heifer International is an organization that helps people around the world break cycles of poverty through means that bolster their communities and families.

Fun Stuff:



  • WTTS Fm 92.3 From Dylan to Marley to Dave, they play great music.
  • Carbon Leaf Great band everyone should check out!
  • Mat Kearney Excellent musician and great performer!
  • Coldplay I've been really into them lately.
  • I've been known to listen to some George Strait every now and then too.



I like cheeseburgers, burritos, and subs more than anyone really should. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Cornucopia- Best burgers in Eugene, OR!
  • Chomp- Great burgers in Bloomington, IN!
  • Laughing Planet Cafe - Great burritos in Eugene and Bloomington!
  • Dagwood's- Awesome subs in B-Town! I highly recommend the Dagwood Supreme.

Lifetime Collaborators:

Research Partner
Research Partner
Fierce Beast
Fierce Beast
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