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Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism

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Postdoc position

Postdoctoral researcher position:

We are seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral fellow interested in studying drug pharmacology in liver. The candidate should have a PhD within last three years in the areas of pharmacology, toxicology, or hepatology. Experience with cell and molecular biology (e.g., cell culture, transfection, DNA/RNA/protein extraction, real-time PCR, and western blotting) is required. Previous experience with mechanistic study related to eukaryotic gene regulation is highly desirable. For fullest consideration, applicants should send 1) cover letter with a brief statement of research interests, 2) a CV, and 3) a list of three references to: Hyunyoung Jeong at (September 2015).

BPS380/390 for PharmD students

  • Please contact Dr. Jeong directly for discussion. The type of project may vary widely, ranging from clinical studies to molecular biology works.
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