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Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism

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Postdoc position

Postdoctoral researcher position:

We are seeking a postdoctoral research associate to work on a preclinical drug development project. A PhD degree in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (or related field) and experience in analytical chemistry (HPLC/mass spectrometry) are required. The project involves experiments in the areas of preclinical pharmacokinetics: drug metabolism in microsomes and hepatocytes, metabolite identification, plasma protein binding, CYP induction/inhibition, and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies in mice and rats. The candidate will also have an opportunity to get involved in different projects in Jeong lab. For fullest consideration, applicants should send a CV and a list of three references to: Young Jeong at (June 2015)

BPS380/390 for PharmD students

  • Please contact Dr. Jeong directly for discussion. The type of project may vary widely, ranging from clinical studies to molecular biology works.
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