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PCR do-overs

  • Made dilution plate for RUB101011 - 13 ul H2O + 2 ul CBA15 + 5 ul CBA23+28
  • Did panel 2 PCR for plate RUB101012. The liquid in the wells for the RUB126 reaction seemed to have too much surface tension, so I added more buffer to each well, then just threw away that tube of buffer. (Saw on 10/25 that RUB126 PCR did not work.)

Visual inspection of data: sexual or apomictic?

  • While preparing PAG abstract, looked at seedling data for CSP6A and BWP hyb. Both sets of seedlings seemed to be of sexual origin, even though BWP hyb seeds seemed to be clonal.
  • Sexually-produced seed may be more viable, or seeds may have too much contamination from mother plant.

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