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1. Electrophoresis was done. The plasmids which are numerized as 1,2,6,8, BBa, BBb and BBc were load into gel. Plasmids were about 28 microliter so 5 microliter loading dey was put.

2.Double digestion of EGF,KGF,Lard1, Granulysin and Poxygen were done.

For EGF,KGF, Granulysin and Poxygen;
water    - 24 microliter
Buffer H - 4  microliter
DNA      - 10 microliter
Enzymes  - 1 microliter EcoRI and 1 microliter SpeI
For Lard1;
water    - 19 microliter
Buffer H - 4  microliter
DNA      - 15 microliter
Enzymes  - 1 microliter XbaI and 1 microliter pstI
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