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1. Results of Transformation:

GFP: In one plate just one colony (plate 10.07.09, LB-Agar Amp)
AHL:  first plate - 3 colony (plate 15.07.09- LB agar-XgaL-IPTG)
      second plate - 1 colony (plate 10.07.09)
AI-2: first plate - 1 colony 
TRH :  In first plate, there were lots of colonies but colour of them were white.(plate 15.07.09 - LB Agar- Xgal-IPTG)
We tought that there could be contamination or our antibiotic (Ampicillin) did not work.
Another reason for this unsuccessful transformation could be our competent cells. (top10)

2. We made plasmid isolation of GFP,AHL, AI-2 and TRH.

3. Again transformation of AHL, TRH, GFP and LUX-R+lux PR

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