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Day 2

The incubated cells grown well overnight giving a lot of colonies except for 1.E witch gave only one colony

We picked single colonies and put them in 10 ml LB with ,

Kanamicin 50mg/mL Antibiotic for 1.A and 1.E and Ampicilin 100 mg/mL for 1.B 1.C 1.D 

Then incubated and agitated the tubes at 37ºC for 22 hours

We did a Transformation for the RBS and terminator needed for our constructions


We followed the same transformation protocol as Day 1

And plated 100μL of the transformants (not 50μL regarding the poor results of the plate 1.E ) in LB + ampicilin 100mg/mL

We then incubated the two plates 37ºC for 19 hours

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