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Suzie's iGEM Project Main project page
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Daily Work


  • Finish construction 2 revision
  • Wiki side-bars up and running
  • Research

Project / Accomplishments

right  Device 2 Schematic
right Device 2 Schematic


Alternative Solutions


  • Check-in meeting at 9am w/ Christina and Drew (See weekly goals below for results)
  • Meeting Jerome at 2pm Y2E2
    • Revisions and re-revisions of construction diagrams... met until 6pm


Weekly Goals

  • Goals from Meeting
    • Contact Berkeley for RFC- request for comments
      • Look into judging and how this plays out
    • Look into a relationship between PQ and NO
    • Think of device used for early diagnostics as opposed to treatment (RA detector?)
    • Look into the cause and mouse models for IBD
    • Continue research (Th-17 to NO)
    • Think of framing a response towards ways to biosynthesize 5MT

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