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1 Interactions between IDO, Trp and 5MT

1.1 First of all, we simplified the main reactions into standard enzyme equations

1.2 And here's how we solved the above equations

1.3 Paremeters used in this model

1.4 Simulation and Analysis

1.5 Problems

After integrating this sub-model into the trp model, we found that trp and 5MT are consumed a lot faster than expected. This is mainly due to the fact that we haven't considered the procedure of IDO moving from outside the cell to inside. So in the end, this sub-model is not actually put into the whole system. Instead, we assumed the level of trp is constant.

2 SoxR-SoxS Binding

Wetlab undergoing. Waiting for better results from teammates.^^

3 IPP-->B-carotene-->RA

Daily Work





Alternative Solutions


Weekly Goals

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