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The lecture titles


The first talk

"Engineering RNA Devices as Communication and Control Systems"

The second talk

"Building an Infrastructure for Metabolic Engineering"

Drew Endy

The first talk

"Synthetic Biology, A System for Engineering Biology"

The second talk

"Building A Constructive Culture, The Ethics of Synthetic Biology"

The reading materials

Please preview reading marerials before the lectures.


(1) Bayer TS, Smolke CD. 2005. Programmable, ligand-controlled riboregulators of eukaryotic gene expression. /Nat. Biotech./ 23:337-343.

(2) Pfleger BF, Pitera DJ, Smolke CD, Keasling JD. 2006. Combinatorial engineering of intergenic regions in operons tunes expression of multiple genes. /Nat. Biotech. /24: 1027-1032.

(3) Win MN, Klein JS, Smolke CD. 2006. RNA aptamers to the benzylisoquinoline alkaloid codeine and the rapid characterization of their binding properties using surface plasmon resonance. /Nuc. Acids Res./ 34: 5670-82/./

(4) Smolke CD, Martin VJJ, Keasling JD. 2001. Controlling the metabolic flux through the carotenoid pathway using directed mRNA processing and stabilization. /Met. Eng./ 3: 313-321.

Drew Endy

(1) Foundations for engineering biology [PDF]

(2) Adventures in synthetic biology [PDF]

(3) Refactoring bacteriophage T7 [PDF]

(4) Building a fab for biology [PDF]

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