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Gel Extraction

Reagent Volume

BL05 [XbaI/SpeI]
bl05 insert: 2630
v0120 vector: 1538, 6185
XbaI cut CMV/MV9: 5197

CMV/MV9 with [XbaI]

Today's gel

30μL/lane; 1% agarose;
Observed lengths:
W2 BL05 S1
W3 BL05 S2
W4 CMV/MV9 S1P(urple)
W5 CMV/MV9 S1B(lue)


DNA[BL05: W2,W3*](CM9: W4,W5) [8.0 μL] (5.0 μL)
10X buffer 3.0 μL
XbaI 1.0 μL
SpeI 1.0 μL (0uL)
dH2O [17μL] (21μL)
Total 30 μL --> 37°C/ 30 min.

BL05 Gel Purification and CMV/MV9 XbaI Cut Vector Concentrations

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